The End of All Songs

Consumed in flames

third arc in the last days

The very fabric of reality frays and unravels. Although Gaia is at the center piece of the Apocalypse other places suffer collateral damage. Realms that have thrived since the dawn of existence, entire species of dreams have been consumed by the clash between Form and Ruin. True Oblivion hangs over all that is. The last champion of the Triat frees itself from cosmic shackles and rampages to join the final battle. Flux claws it way to Gaia in an unsettling display of sentience. At first this is heralded as blessing in the bleakest time of war. But its approach leaves fabric of the Tellurian in tatters. Even if it keeps the Wyrm and Weaver from snuffing everything out the Wyld may destroy Gaia in the process. The Nation hesitates to direct its already strained resources at the situation…until Flux claims its first victim. In an attempt to appeal to the Triatic champion Griffon meets the living realm on its war path. Without pause the Incarna is slain and unmade sending the Red Talons reeling without a spiritual patron. The Nation must act before reality is absorbed whole into the Wyld and unmade as if it never was.



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