Sturm Axe

Fetish Electric Bass Guitar

weapon (melee)

Level Five, Gnosis 8

This guitar was forged by the Get of Fenris from Moon Silver (+1 Gnosis and double damage to creatures vulnerable to silver) and strung with strings made from the guts of fearsome Wyrm creatures. It can be wielded like an axe (Difficulty 7, Str + 3/L) in combat with little chance of breaking. When activated, the Sturm spirit inside is free to express it’s tremendous rage and destructive capability through the fury of the music played. Each round, the garou makes a Charisma + Performance roll. On success, anything not pack within 20 yards is down -1 die to all physical actions as the wind whipped up by the Sturm spirit within chills them to the bone. After three rounds of uninterrupted play and the inintial activation of this powerful fetish, the full wrath of the Sturm spirit is unleashed and a storm rages where the music touches. Each round a single non-pack target, randomly chosen by the GM, takes the wielder’s rage in aggravated electrical damage. The area around the storm takes significant battering. Flammable materials light due to lighting strikes. Soft or cheap materials are broken or blown away by the winds.

The user of this fetish will not be killed by any storm unless it in some fashion betrays the bound Sturm spirit.


The spirit demands that any storm the owner faces must be done with only skin or fur as protection from it. It must be trusted to provide and to do otherwise is a slight to it’s honor. This includes any storm created by playing the fetish.


As the final days approach, Silverfang Theurge Running Gun Blues disappears into the umbra. After months away, he returns looking somewhat more crazed. After a brief hunt with his pack, he then goes to spend some time with the Get of Fenris.

After days, he presents the moonsilver guitar to the newest member of the pack. The massive Theurge, scarred from his journey through the Shadow explains to the Galliard, “I have brought each of our pack something to help face down the final nights. The nobility of your music, with hints of destruction inspired me to seek out the grandest Sturm spirit that I could find. I spoke with my ancestors and found one that survived the plague of the Storm Eater many, many moons ago. In the spirit of the Fenrir, I shed my clothes and offered the storm blood… so much blood….”

Jonas pauses and bows his head. He offers the guitar over to the Get of Fenris. "Enough blood and pain were had that the spirit agreed to rage with your music until you are no more. The faces of Luna that I know well, Selene and Tythus, blessed my endeavor and your Tribe was good enough to fashion the vessel from moonsilver given to me by them. The strings are the gut from the enemies that I fell in honor of the great storm within.

“Play and the storm will rage… clouds, winds, lightning… so long as you can endure the storm will lend his fury to yours. In return, you will trust the spirit to protect you from any storm’s rage. Trust in it. Do otherwise and insult it’s honor. No more than skin or fur when facing down any storm including this one.”

Sturm Axe

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