Shadow of Pain

Shadow Fetish


Level Five, Gnosis 8

In an experiment by Running Gun Blues, a pain spirit was bound to the very shadow of his pack Ragabash. When activated, the spirit may detach from the owner and help the Shadow Lord separate the wheat from the chaff.

For a number of rounds equal to the garou’s rage, the shadow gleefully attacks his enemies, causing agony on any opponent it can get it’s claws on. The shadow attacks just as if it were the garou, but does not do actual harm. Instead successes give a -1 to opponent dice pools for the round. Should the shadow do damage greater than the enemies Stamina, the enemy experiences such excruciating pain that it falls unconscious for a turn. Those that are rendered unconscious are subject to a -2 penalty to all dice pools for the remainder of the scene. Curiously, the shadow may also dodge gifts such as Shadow Cutting of it’s own accord, using a dice pool equal to the garou.


The spirit does not ask for more pain than the metis already endures. Sharing such exquisite torment is chiminage enough.


The large silver haired theurge then approaches Tick. “For you, Tick, I searched the Shadow until I found someone you are incredibly familiar with… although you didn’t realize at the time. When you were a cub, every insult, every smack, every moment of pain was admired and savored by a single pain spirit. He guarded the feast of your pain jealously, destroying any others that would come too close.”

Jonas gets a look that is nearly sad and his slight smile is melancholy at best. “He got powerful glutting on your torment, certainly one of the largest pain spirits I have heard of. Cunning. Brilliant.” He pauses. “I found him and told him of you now, how fierce and mighty you too have become.” He cracks his knuckles and his smile brightens some. “I… called in your marker and he will join with you and share in the pain you will bring to our enemies now. With your permission, I will join him to your shadow and he will be an ally, fueled by your rage and torment, unleashing it upon our enemies.”

He smiles and shrugs. “You owe him nothing more as you have given so much. So long as you live, he will serve.”

Shadow of Pain

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