pack tactic


Sometimes, walking within the shadows can lead great benefit to the Garou and a distinct disadvantage to their foes. The pack attacks in rapid succession, disorienting their target and making it more difficult to find its bearing before the Garou fade away into the shadows from whence they came.

Packmates Required: 3
Performable Alone: No
Cost: 1 Rage
The system is simple. Each packmate involved spends 1 rage to both attack and then hide away. First, resolve attack role as usual. Second, role Wits+Stealth, difficulty 7, to hide away again. The target then rolls Wits+Awareness, difficulty 5+ # of packmates involved vs each packmates stealth role. Even if the first attack does not slay the enemy outright, few see the Garou until the second attack occurs.


This pack tactic was created by the Harbingers of a Dying Mother when they followed their first totem, Owl.


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