Mammoth's Trumpet

Howl Fetish

weapon (ranged)

Level Five, Gnosis 8

Legend has always told of the ferocity of great Griffon’s terrible roar. It was also said that the mighty mammoth trumpeting was equally fearsome should the beast be riled. This creation is a howl fetish, the Mammoth spirit bound directly to Blood on Snow’s very voice.

The power of this tremendous spirit manifests in the garou always, making him bigger and even more resilient, providing 2 points of armor and giving the option of taking Huge Size, should the xp be spent.

In addition, when the howl fetish is activated, the garou can stagger enemies before it with the sheer blinding fury of Griffon and Mammoth’s pain. This attack counts as a spray in front of the garou. (Charisma + Primal Urge to hit. +8L in 20 foot cone in front of the garou)


“For you, Blood on Snow-rhya, I tracked down a very particular member of Griffin’s brood. I tracked down Griffin and showed my belly and howled for him the song that was howled when you led the ritual to reclaim the land. Griffin blessed the quest so I used every bit of my hunting instinct that you have taught me.”

He pauses and then offers, “Every Mammoth spirit is tied to a creature. If that creature is no more, the Mammoth fades away into nothingness, never to reawaken unless the creature comes back to us.” He pauses again and says quietly, "I have found the Mammoth that stands for wolves and he is eager to join his might with yours to save the wolves from the fate the Wyrm intends. Every time you fight to survive, you fight for the future of this spirit as well. It wishes to live and see you grow old with your family.

“All he asks is that you do not perish for then… so shall he.”

Mammoth's Trumpet

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