Karnakian Solar Canon

Laser Pistol Fetish


Level Five, Gnosis 8

A gunslinger without a gun is a sad, sad thing. So Jonas turned to Falcon and his brood. He was taken to Karnak and shown the impressive alchemy and magic that the warrior race holds. It took a great deal of study, but he was able to make a garou version of one of their weapons, although it taxed his formidable intellect considerably.

This fetish weapon is of the style of his old Peacemaker, as he is most intimately familiar with the weapon. (Damage 6/A, Range 35, Rate 2, Ammo 6) Rather than traditional ammunition, the weapon stores the glory of Helios. It can be ‘reloaded’ by letting it bask in the sunlight for an hour or by spending a point of gnosis or succeeding in a gnosis roll in chiminage to Helios.

Once loaded, the weapon fires lances of purest sunlight, powerful enough to burn away even the worst darkness.

Additionally, the Karnak spirit that powers this fetish has vested interest in seeing the young theurge see his trials to the bitter end. Once per scene, should the theurge fall, he will reach out and use his healing charm upon Running Gun Blues. (Gnosis 8, difficulty 6, 1 healing/suxx)


Jonas is not allowed to lie as a matter of honor. Children of Karnak consider it to be the greatest of crimes.


Karnakian Solar Canon

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