Bloody Strength

Scar Fetish

weapon (melee)

Level Five, Gnosis 8

In searching Wendigo’s brood to find an appropriate ally for his packmate, Jonas found a most interesting spirit that most might overlook. The Mosquito spirit is tasked with taking blood from the Wyrm and making it their own. As it is the end of times and his ahroun is eager to engage the Wyrm at all times, he brokered a deal to make the formidable ahroun even more formidable. Upon activation of this fetish, there comes a strong buzzing sound from the garou. For every five damage that the garou does for the rest of the scene, she may regain a point of health. If full on health, the spirit will feed the ahroun’s rage. The number will carry on from one round to the next as well, so if she does 8 points of damage raking the thunder worm, three damage the next round will regain her a point.


The Mosquito Spirit requires to be fed a weekly meal that it can share… bloody and wyrmy. It prefers vampires or cannibals, but any wyrm creature will do in a pinch.


Turning to the Wendigo, Jonas says, "Long and hard, I had to think on which of Wendigo’s Brood reminded me of you. You are quiet and so deadly, master of the winds and spilling blood. You are truly so much more than what you seem, stronger and more brutal.

“Mosquito isn’t a spirit you hear sung of in many tales, but it is one of the few spirits whose sole purpose is to bleed the Wyrm where it finds it. It feasts on it’s enemies, gaining strength for Gaia from the Corrupter’s death.

“That, truly, made my heart sing and I could think of no better spirit to aid you in battle. Two that most might not even notice together could be unstoppable. The blood you spill will be taken in by the spirit and will heal your body and stoke your rage. So long as you take the time to notice him and share a proper meal with him, he will lend his ferocity to yours.”

Bloody Strength

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