The End of All Songs

Western Concoliation

The Garou of the West Unite!

From as far as the Sept of the Mother’s Wall the call for action is heard. King Cyrus the Bald, Spectere’s Cry from the Sept of Last Wish, Frozen Breath of Sasquatch the chief of Eshuik Sept, Asphalt over Running Water of the Sept of the River Queen and Wrath of Fenris Jarl of the Sept of Fiery Reach all raised their voices to bring representatives from these and neighboring septs. This action was initiated by Running Gun Blues plan to knock out a large portion of California’s electrical power but evolved into a platform for discussion concerning the areas plans of action. Each elder who threw in their lot for uniting the concoliation were visited by the Harbringers of a Dying Mother and plyed by the questing packs skills in diplomacy. The Western concoliation lasts at minimum three days and nights. The various things discussed are.

- The confirmation of the first three signs of the Prophecy of the Phoenix and its impact on the garou.

-The funeral of Dawnblade. A stiring eulogy is delivered by Shield of Ages followed by the performance of the Greater Rite of Mourning. Her body is burned on a hand carved altar of stone wherein Falcon, Phoenix and Harrier.

-The wedding of Whispers of Forlorn Lands. Various gifts are given by the visitors from the Sept of Last Wish.

-The performance of the Rite of Reawakening. The trials will be detailed later.




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