The End of All Songs

The Garou fight yet Gaia dies.

No cub has been born in some time. The prophecies are clear. All those alive today will fight in the last battle. And the last Garou will decide the fate of Gaia. King Albrecht called a grand moot to decide the action of the Nation in these final days. A pack of the cliath are gathered bound and blooded. Chosen by a god of dark omens the Harbingers of a Dying Mother make their way west to reinforce the Pacific Coast.

Led by a lost Ahroun of the House of the Unbreakable Hearth this pack assembles a host of Garou. Together they return life to the cooling corpse of a dead Caern. In the face of the Wyrm they triumph only to hear the dire words of a spirit of the Apocalypse. Phoenix himself. He decrees this place shall be the last Caern. The Gates of the Apocalypse. With heavy hearts the Garou of this fledgling sept accept their fate. Fail or succeed the Sept of the Last Caern will fight and the enemies of Gaia will never forget their RAGE!