Seekers of the Horde

A pack of Fenrir who originally hail from the Sept of Fiery Reach. Well respected for their impressive knowledge of fetish lore. They have pledged themselves to the Gates of the Apocalypse with the blessing of their Jarl. Here they have mended a land mark of a tribe mate generations gone where they honor his spirit, their totem FireDrake and the coming battle.

Sheathed Wisdom Homid Galliard Fenrir

The Alpha is a gregarious member of his ilk often encouraging the fervent hunger for glory his tribe is known for. Impressively versed in tales that involve or revolve around fetish weaponry. He wields the klaive, “Death’s dottir”. Currently the Alpha holds the rank of Fostern.

Sheathed Wisdom challenged Seeks the Lion’s Heart for leadership of the sept by initiating a lethal duel. Not only was he bested but he was spared and relieved of his klaive,"".

Follows Scars to Wisdom Homid Theurge Fenrir

She is known in her home sept for his effective application of ritual scarring despite her youth. She obsessively communes with spirits bound, whether they are so in fetish, talen or service. Currently she holds the rank of Fostern.

Tricks the Tool Homid Ragabash Fenrir

A well intentioned thief who has displayed a talent for activating even the most stubborn fetishes. Rumors follow the Rotagar that suggest he has intimidated several urban spirits into sharing secrets usually reserved for Glasswalkers and other city wolves. He currently holds the rank of Fostern.

Shame Balanced Righteously Metis(Disproportionate features and body) Philadox Fenrir

The female metis stands out amongst her homid fostern. Ape like arms, a bulging eye and severe hair lip. Yet despite her disfigurements she commands enough respect for a metis to have a voice amongst her pack..however small. She ensures the Litany is upheld when her pack acquires new magical items and allows fair distribution of the horde. She is of the rank of Fostern. Deceased in Sept Raid.

Seekers of the Horde

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