Marrow Hunters

A pack of misfits whose spiritual patron, Raven has led them to covertly watch over the fallen body of Reclaimed Hope. “We have not hid here out of cowardice but necessity.”

Wings of Stone Metis(Symmetrical boney protrusions along his body.) Galliard Shadow Lord

A dour Garou whose rarely hides his openly cynical and bitter attidtude. This Shadow Lord serves as Alpha of the Marrow Hunters. He has proven to be a master in utilizing his pack of cast-offs talents in tremendous even if subtle ways. With the erection of the Gates of the Apocalypse he has ascended to the position of Warder. He is Currently of Adren Rank.

Whispers in the Wind Homid Theurge Wendigo

Late in his change he was brought to a hidden sept in Northern California for the initiation into his tribe. Immediately following his blooding he was grievously injured losing an arm and the partial use of one of his legs. He was sent away with the understanding he would work to find a swift and honorable end to his suffering. It was in his search for an honorable death that he met his current alpha and joined his pack. Despite his handicaps he has proven a canny Theurge with a stunning amount of contacts in the spirit world. The wind spirits making up his information network keep him well informed about the goings on in the protectorate. He currently acts as the Master of the Rite and is of Adren Rank.

Speck of Darkness Homid Ragabash Uktena

A veritable runt standing just under four feet tall. The No Moon was led to join the pack by Raven himself. Speck of Darkness is very shy hiding constantly save for in the presence of his pack alone. If actually found in casual conversation this Garou is respected amongst his pack for his broad philosophies regarding the true nature of his auspice. He is currently a Fostern. Deceased in Sept raid.

Fish Hook Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawer

Last amongst misfits. This Bone Gnawer is not exceptional in any way other then his ability to survive ludicrous amounts of punishments. His low intelligence is no secret nor is his open and friendly nature. Both reasons his pack keeps him in the dark regarding their plans and often uses the Ahroun as bait for ambushes. Fish Hook is currently a Fostern.

Marrow Hunters

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