Harbingers of a Dying Mother

A pack organized at a Grand Moot hosted within King Albrecht’s North Eastern protectorate. Chosen by Owl and set to the task of reinforcing the west coast they have helped recruit and organize the garou who now make up the The Gates of the Apocalypse.

Most recently, following a vision given to Shadows on Ice, the Harbingers of a Dying Mother traveled to Antarctica where they tracked down a fallen Wendigo pack in an ancient and primal Hive. While carrying the day, Bubo was corrupted by an Elder Theurge irredeemably. The alpha, Blood on Snow, ordered the pack to destroy Bubo. As the pack link broke, some of the pack began a descent into Harano, while Shadows on Ice frenzied. In a single, massive hit, Blood on Snow was nearly slain. Jonas managed to calm down the frenzying ahroun and stabilize the alpha.

He ordered the pack to take the alpha to safety and when he thought he was alone, commenced the Rite of Summoning to bring the Planetary Incarna Rourg to destroy the primal place of corruption and evil. Jonas laid in the charred remains of Bubo and resigned himself to die with this final act against the Wyrm, his every ounce of power gone.

The Get of Fenris and Shadow Lord managed to find a trail out of the Hive, following Bubo’s final gift to his pack: a trail of owl feathers leading out of the maze. They made it to the safety of a research facility despite the deadly temperatures.

Shadows on Ice remained with the Theurge and finally knocked the exhausted and grieving Theurge unconscious, carrying him to safety.

As Luna was impacted and destroyed, Phoenix chose The Harbingers as his final Silver Pack.

Bubo the Owl
Totem; 24
Rage 8 Gnosis 10 Willpower 8 Essence 26
Charms: Airt Sense, Reform, Cleanse the Blight, Fire Blast
Powers: Can speak to the pack without use of Gifts, Respected by other Spirits, Totem is mystically connected to all members allowing telepathic communication, Totem can always find pack members.

A small jaggling who emits a presence that belies its meek potency. Mysterious as any portion of the dark messenger it nevertheless has given a large portion of its power back to its selected pack. The Theurge calls their Avatar “Bubo”.

In the beginning of autumn the avatar spirit grew larger, adopting a more menacing appearance. Its frame sleek and deadly with eyes that burn with a ghostly light.

By Spring Bubo has evolved as the pack has, growing larger and more powerful. While still a potent master of stealth, the pack’s pact and ban with Elemental Fire has changed Bubo into something terrifying. In line with the pledge to cleanse with fire to return purity, Bubo smolders and burns with ghostly flame.

Harbingers of a Dying Mother

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