Gaia's Pilgrims

This pack of young Children of Gaia follow the potent patronage of Unicorn. They have traveled from their home in the Czech Republic to America to see how the famous King Albrecht leads in comparison to the Margrave in hopes of finding a compromise that unite all Garou worldwide. Currently they have assigned to help shepard the local kinfolk. This pack also stands out as a pedigree example of their tribe.

Sword of the Wounded Homid Philadox Child of Gaia

A descendant of a celebrated hero of his tribe, a knight in the Dark Ages Breckart Longstrider. He strives to live up to the name of his ancestor, to fight for the weak so peace may prosper. It is his desire vocalized privately amongst his tribe that the garou from both Albrecht’s and the Margrave’s host unify to create one Gaian army. Despite his inexperience he has temporarily holds the Master of Challenges position within the sept. His mate, Moira Kincaid desends from a known Fianna line. He won the right to court her from Mountain’s Divide.He is currently a Fostern ranked garou.

Never Alone Homid Theurge Child of Gaia

This willowy youth has bound herself to many strict forms of chiminage for her tribal and pack totems. She holds to the strictest forms of pacifism and eats only a select diet which many consider very odd. She has merged a Heart guide spirit to the first scar she received from not striking back. Her words carry a weight that belies her short years. She is currently a Cliath.

One Horn’s Song Lupus Galliard Child of Gaia

The last of a dying line of lupus garou within her tribe she is an exemplar amongst pure breed Children of Gaia. She was watched many wolves dies to petty fears and desperation of mankind but tries not to let her Rage get the better of her. She spends her free time singing songs of mourning for those wolves who have passed possessing a knowledge of the names of each every victim of the purging of her kind from her homelands. She is currently a Fostern.

Laughes with the last(of ’em) Homid Ragabash Child of Gaia

A cynical No Moon who belongs to those Children who practice sin eating. He has helped many trapped within the Shadow Curtain ease their suffering with the dangerous ritual. Often he keeps to himself or seems attached at the hip to Never Alone. He is currently a Cliath.

Gaia's Pilgrims

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