Sins Bitter Tongue


Born of two Garou, Sins-Bitter-Tongue, or as he is sometimes referred by “Tick”, has taken the brunt of being a Metis.
In Homid form, he looks like a stereotypical vampire, fangs, overdone brow, frightening visage. In his natural Crinos form, he is a nightmare manifested. While he bears no Wyrm taint, he could easily be mistaken for a Leech or possibly Black Spiral Dancer.
He is usually dressed in jeans and a hoody to cover up as much of himself as possible.
Once he was nothing but a whipped Omega Metis, showing in his submissive body language. Now, with a Pack that treats him as an equal most of the time, he has started holding himself up higher. However, the old ways are hard to break when among others.


Born in Blood, that is what many Garou called him until he proved himself in his Rite of Passage. He clawed his way out of his mothers womb, killing Shadow’s Mistress in the process. A Shadow Lord Ahroun of notable stealth skills, she fell from grace when she & her pack mate, Thundercrack, a Galliard of the Shadow Lords, mated and broke the Litany.

Sins Bitter Tongue

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