Running Gun Blues

Fostern Homid SilverFang Theurge of the Unbreakable Hearth


This giant of a theurge stands nearly seven feet tall and weighs over three hundred pounds in homid. His strong, rugged features, hair the color of winter sunlight, and chilly green eyes proclaim him to be a truly bred Silver Fang. He keeps his shoulder-length hair artfully shaggy. Despite his size, he moves with a fluid grace.

If he were more muscular and predatory, some would swear that he was Symphony-of-Destruction, an Athro Silverfang Ahroun renowned in his time for weaving alliances among the fractured factions within the United States and Canada to eventually destroy Stormeater. As an Ahroun, Symphony-of-Destruction excelled at neutralizing spiritual threats, but was as well known for his gracious manner as the fury of his claws and fetish pistol: Stourbridge’s Laughter.

Jonas usually is dressed in well broken in jeans, combat boots, a rock music T-shirt, cowboy hat, and white linen duster that conceals his gun klaive, called Stourbridge’s Laughter.

Stourbridge’s Laughter was originally created by the Iron Riders in the 1870’s. While not a particularly warlike spirit, The Stourbridge Lion agreed to have an avatar spirit bound to the “Peacemaker” in return for the prestige of being wielded in battle by the Silverfangs to defeat the Stormeater. When presented to Symphony of Destruction, it was an omen of hope that the outcast Ironriders, would stand shoulder to shoulder with the other tribes once more.

In the Umbra, Jonas, as does all of his pack, is granted wings from the blessings of owl.


In a tribe that knows how to breed and maintain kinfolk, the Cross family is renowned for producing some of the best. For generations, the Cross line has tended a ranch of about sixteen and a half square miles. With roughly half being hills and forest and the other half being good grazing land, the ranch has seen a few different incarnations. Originally it was cattle and horses. Under the guidance of the lines most recent family garou, Symphony of Destruction, the ranch now still provides chiminage to the spirits and Pure Ones to this day. To the Wendigo and Uktena, at least one pack of their lupus kin must inhabit the ranch’s forested areas at all time and be a place of refuge for any of either tribes lupus kin or garou. The grassland was given to herds of bison, both as prey for the packs and, eventually, the basis for a small boutique bison meat business for the Cross family.

For chiminage, other tribes may find a spot for packs of lupus kin. Other garou whose protectorates are under siege or falling also can ship off their kin find safety on the Triple Cross Ranch. The Cross line itself also is willing to arrange marriages, as they tend to be easy on the eyes, intelligent, and good-natured. The Cross line tends to be quite fertile, but males are something of a rarity these days and they haven’t bred a true Cross garou since Symphony-of-Destruction, although in the arranged marriages, the kin are known to breed true more than some.

When Natalie Cross became pregnant with her sixth child, Falcon’s brood became excited. In the Shadow a Flock appeared to protect the family. They knew the male child to come, so much like Symphony-of-Destruction, would fulfill Unbroken Hearth prophecy and provide one pin-point of light in the sky of hope in the coming Apocalypse. Garou from local Septs came to pay respects. The Flock grew bigger, spilling into the physical realm. Even the wolf-kin came close to sing on occasion.

Word spread within the Unbreakable Hearth and to Cyrus-the-Bald and Margaret Standing Stone. To their credit, both agreed and took the omens seriously and set in motion plans to bring the young Theurge to Chicago to be taught, finding teachers of the oldest of ways, when there was no modern man, but Cromagnon. The pieces fell slowly and few noticed.

Upon his birth, the flock gave a great cry in Material and Shadow. The herds of Bison frolicked as calves. The wolves howled songs of renewal and hope. The song that Symphony-of-Destruction set in motion with his life and death played on, beautiful and savage. After his baptism of Fire, the Flock (some say the Great Flock, some say just a really big one) moved on.

When The Gates of the Apocolypse was raised, Jonas was ending his training in Chicago. With only his knowledge of his breed and auspice, he set out on a grueling Rite of Passage. His task was to find his ancestors gun-klaive “Stourbridge’s Laughter”. This would prove to the House that he was indeed the one foretold as well as give The Unbreakable Hearth a symbol of Hope and the Nation an almost lost symbol of Unity.

After months of research and planning, paying various chiminages and patience, Jonas found and recovered the klaive, he and his veritable army of spirits shredding the Black Spiral Dancer who know wielded the klaive without the Dancer really knowing what happened. So thorough and devastating was his plan, an Avatar of Falcon delivered the news to his King.

As reward, Jonas was gifted the klaive and Falcon gave permission to use some of his willing army to work as his eyes and ears, warning the Court: “As the Wyrm approaches, we enter a time not of sorrow and dread, but a time of grand action. Never before has our glory needed to be as bold, our honor as steadfast, or our wisdom as inspired. Do not fear for the fire is rekindled in the hearth. Always know that your hearth is unbreakable my children. Unbreakable.”

After the reveling and back patting, he was granted some time to love his family and the land of his birth before being shunted to The Gates of the Apocalypse.

Within days of his arrival, Jonas was accepted into The Harbingers of the Dying Mother. Together they toured the Protectorate and came upon a leech bane about the size of a VW Bug that had a pink ribbon on the toothy end. The bane was slipping between realms and corrupting wild animals on the physical side.

After Fluffy was put down, the pack located a dark ritual circle along the paths of the park area near a Sunshine Scout camp. Jonas was quick to determine that such a circle could indeed summon such a creature as the leech bane with the pink ribbon. The area cleansed, attention was turned to the Sunshine Scout camp.

What they found there was horrific. All of the adults were fomori. A handful of the girls were also fomori, but even more potent than the adult sized one. In order to minimize loss of innocent lives, most of the Sept was organized to deal with the Sept. “If we run in wearing he warform, we can tell the innocents. Just attack the ones not clawing out their own eyes at the sight of us.” As heartless as it sounds, it was effective. They Wyrm was brought low and with the help of some ‘friendly’ decay spirits, the gas mains blew and all the surviving girls were made rich from PG&E’s settlement.

Running Gun Blues

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